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58/1, Jadavpur Central Rd, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032

About us


Eating out is not a fashion any more. In today's fast moving society, it has become an unavoidable necessity. The family meal, once considered sacred, is slowly but surely, shifting outside the home. It's recorded that in USA, on an average about 20 billion hot-dogs and burgers are eaten out annually. "If these were lined up end to end, they would extend to the moon and back" a few times over. The situation is turning very much the same in our country. This exactly is the motto of the Food-House namely Hindusthan Sweets.

Hindusthan Sweets, a popular name in ready to eat sweetmeat industry started its journey with the pioneership of Mr. Haridas Paul the founder of Hindusthan Sweets, aged 103 years, with broad spectrum of vision which has helped this organization to reach their goal.

Mr. Paul's inspiration has helped the young generation to go for new product development, extensive business planning, adoption of new technologies and improvisation of proper customer care service.

Apart from the conventional sweets which has overwhelming acceptance in domestic and overseas markets for its taste and quality, now we are emphasizing on medicinal aspects of herbal contents. Hindusthan Sweets is the first organization in India who has dared blending the essence and flavour of sweets with herbs to provide taste and health simultaneously. Hindusthan Sweets has its own research and development section where the extensive researchwork is conducted to provide the best quality products with completely new flavour.

Company management is in constant touch with the current technological development and improvising their technique and vision along with that. Hindusthan Sweets has developed collateral relationship with Jadavpur University for development of fusion products like herbal sweets. Scientists of Jadavpur University and Chemist of Hindusthan Sweets are in constant research work for quality control and upgradation of product standard.

Our History

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  1. Paschimbanga Mistanna Byabasaye Samity HOWRAH - 12th March 2000

    The injustice and hardships faced by the sweetmeat industry was addressed along with finding out ways to resolve them, which brings in a revolution to this industry.

  2. Herbal Sweets Seminar - 26th Aug 2003

    For the first time in the sweetmeat industry, Hindusthan Sweets infuses the benefits of herbs and taste of sweet products that mark the beginning of herbal sweets.

    Sweet exhibition|Food tech - 1st Feb 2003

    Hindusthan Sweets is honored to be a part of the Food Tech 2003 and exhibit its extravagant range of products, to offer the visitors a mesmerizing and sweet experience.

  3. National Workshop on Mechanism and Packaging - 31st May 2004

    The requirement of accurate packaging has always been on the rise. Keeping this in mind, the National Workshop on Mechanism and Packaging was held to teach the right method of packaging and preventing pressing health issues.

    Distribution ceremony -7th Nov 2004

    Hindusthan Sweets lends a helping hand to support the top 5 libraries of the region financially and bring in a revolution in the field of education.

    Cooch Behar Jela Mistanna Byabasayee Samity - 2004

    All the sweetmeat giants got together to address the challenges faced by this domain and discuss ways to combat them.

  4. New branch opening at Saltlake - 2006

    Reaching yet another milestone, Hindusthan Sweets opens a new branch at Salt Lake to address the sweet tooth of the residence of the respective location.

  5. Inauguration of automatic sweet making machine - 8th Aug 2008

    Hindusthan Sweets introduces the automatic sweet making machines to ease the work of the sweet makers and also prepare the sweet with precision and perfection.

    Rajya sammelan - PMBS Behrampur - 27th Dec 2008

    Paschimbanga Mistanna Byabasaye Samity organized in Behrampur discussed ways to ease the life of the sweet makers and to smoothen and maximize their earnings alongside.

  6. Pous Parvan celebration with Indrani Halder - 14th Jan 2009

    Poush Parvan marks the beginning of winters. The event was much celebrated with the famous actress Indrani Halder, who was mesmerized by the quality and taste of Hindusthan Sweets.

    Press Conference - 4th Aug 2009

    The press conference was much like a workshop that addressed issues faced by the sweet makers and discussed ways to get them solved to facilitate the working process.

    Rabindra Jayanti Celebration – Jadavpur Laughing Club - 9th May 2009

    Hindusthan Sweets pays a tribute to Shri Rabindranath Tagore and celebrates Rabindra Jayanti in his memory. In this event some of his great teachings and culture was shared with the audience enriching them with the rich Bengali tradition.

    Visit to Japan - 22th Aug 2009

    The team of Hindusthan Sweets visited Japan to explore the sweet culture of the place. The culture of Hindusthan Sweets also remains unique and was well appreciated by the sweet industry of Japan.

  7. Hindusthan Sweets in Khaibar Pass - 15th Jan 2016

    Hindusthan Sweets participated in the Khaibar Pass, organized at Taltala. The variety of sweets mesmerized the guests and gave a sweet ending to their feast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I refrigerate the sweets?

Make sure that the sweets made of milk or chhana are consumed within 8 hours and the Kora Paak are consumed within 12 hours.

Do you serve sweets only?

No, we offer a plethora of snacks and beverages that you can savour. There are also main course veg meals such as Chole Bhature, Veg Fried Rice, Paneer Masala and more. The beverages we serve are mango juice, pomegranate lassi, etc.

Do you serve quality food?

We are the first ISO 9001 & HACCP certified company in the sweetmeat industry of the country. This ensures the quality of the items we serve and helps you maintain your health.

What are the ingredients you use for herbal sweets?

To make herbal sweets we use carrots, Arjun, Kulekhara, Bhramni, Sushni, Tulsi, Beetroot and more. These ingredients are infused with the sweets, making a flavourful combination.

Do you just have sugarfree Rosogolla?

We serve a range of sugarfree items such as Rosogolla, Pantua, Sandesh (seasonal), Khirkodom, Sar Naru, Mihidana, Rabri, Sarbhaja, Patishapta and more.