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58/1, Jadavpur Central Rd, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700032


The first ever television commercial | Hindusthan Sweets
Hindusthan Sweets has marked its presence with the first ever television commercial, showcasing its quality control and sweet making process.
Hindusthan Sweets Television Commercial series
Being an ISO certified, Hindusthan Sweets stands as a well-known sweet shop, a name that is also uttered abroad.
Our journey to acquire patent ship
Hindusthan Sweets strive hard to earn its patent ship and through this video, the sweetshop showcases the way sweets are made.
Madly Misti Part-1
The Madly Misti by Calcutta Times showcases a fashion show where models were dressed in attractive costumes and customised sweet product accessories.
Madly Misti Part-2
The famous singer Anindya Chatterjee takes his time out and treats the audience with one of his mesmerising songs.
Poush Parvan - Coveage by STAR ANANDA
The month of Poush Parvan is indeed a happy month for the Bengalis. From pithe to payesh, Bengalis can never say no to the winter special desserts. Hindusthan Sweets was popular for offering sweets of such kind and was honoured by STAR ANANDA for the variety of winter special items.
Inauguration of Automation in the Factory - Part-1
Hindusthan Sweets inaugurated its factory with a new instalment of equipment to make the sweet making process convenient and hygienic.
Hindusthan Sweets "ROSOGOLLA" covered by "MUSAFIR" of Kolkata TV
The history of Rosogolla is indeed a miracle. Hindusthan Sweets have been honoured with this sweet to be unique to the shop.
Inauguration of Automation in the Factory - Part-2
The installation of automation in the factory has made life much easier and hassle-free for the sweet makers. The advantages of the same have been discussed by our esteemed members.
ISO certified | A new milestone
For the first time in the Indian sweetmeat industry a sweet shop earns ISO 9001-2000 certification. The hard work of Shri Rabindra Kumar Pal has indeed faired well.
Press Conference - Part-1 | 4th August 2009
The press conference was arranged to discuss several aspects of `the sweetmeat industry and the required steps to ease the life of the sweet makers.
Press Conference - Part-2 | 4th August 2009
The press conference was taken ahead by renowned speakers holding years of experience in this industry.
Press Conference - Part-3 | 4th August 2009
Several questions of the audience were answered by the esteemed researchers.
Press Conference - Part-4 | 4th August 2009
The press conference helps the sweet makers to clear their doubts and explore an easier way of sweet making.
Press Conference - Part-5 | 4th August 2009
The esteemed speakers also talk about the challenges faced by the sweetmeat industry and discuss ways to solve them.